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Level & Measuring

Electric Supply Source's level and flow controls transform industrial process measurement. Our conventional and electronics-based instruments make measurement more intelligent, more reliable and far more simplified to set up and operate than was ever possible. The products we offer have evolved as a result of our meeting every conceivable measurement challenge.

Level & Measuring products

Water Quality Monitors
Combustible & Toxic Gas Monitors
Open Channel & Closed Pipe
Level Pressure Sensors & Pump Controls
Pressure Management and Control Gage
DP & Submersible Transducers
Open Channel & Closed Pipe Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature & Analytical Process Instruments
Venturi Flow Meters
Flow Nozzles
Orifice Plates
Sensaphone Alarm Dialers
Transit-Time and Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Various Water Analysis Equipment

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Electric Supply Source offers a wide range of products and services to help with you electrical needs. Our services and products include: Automation & Control, Cable Management, Enclosures, Level & Measuring, Safety, Training, and Services & Repairs.