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Electric Supply Source offers a full range of Wireless services. Our wiresless specialists are ready to assist you with all stages of your wireless planning and implementation.

Wireless services

Path Profiles and Path Studies
GPS and computer-based RF Path Profiling
Single path or 360 degree maps
RF path by frequency type, antenna manufacturer and terrain
RF multi-path and interference issues

Field Path Tests
Field testing using MDS radios and antennas
RTU simulator and link testing
In house spectrum analyzer (purpose of a spectrum analyzer is to look at RF or microwave signals in the frequency domain and check for interference that might be blocking or dropping the frequency).

Tower Inspection
Tower, grounding and RF cable inspection, testing, maintenance
Antenna loading assessment
Lighting and protection and tower site recommendation
M-PEG 4 video security cameras and DVRs

Radio Setup Assistance and Training
Radio and diagnostics setup and training

RF and Communication Troubleshooting
RS-232/485 serial communications
Ethernet communications
Protocol analysis

RF Communications and Radio Training
RF Fundamentals
Radio Interfacing
Licensed Narrowband
Spread Spectrum
Wireless I/O

Fabrication and Assembly
Our Fabrication and Assembly Division is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest custom assembled products designed specifically for your particular application. Experienced personnel and rigid quality control procedures ensure that your project meets all standards and specifications.

Our Specialties Include:
Coax Cables
Custom cable runs and assemblies
Power system assemblies, including solar and wind
Lighting protection
Enclosure/Panel assembly
System Integration of PLC's, variable speed drivers, flow meters, level, pressure, programming and most importantly - understanding the needs of the customer.

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Electric Supply Source offers a wide range of products and services to help with you electrical needs. Our services and products include: Automation & Control, Cable Management, Enclosures, Level & Measuring, Safety, Training, and Services & Repairs.